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Ta Da Creperie and Coffee Bar

Ta Da Creperie - Hout Bay

37 Victoria Ave, Hout Bay. Cape Town
tel: 021 790 8132

Kiddo’s Declare… Ok
Parentals Take… A win!
Overall Rating… 7/10 **********

What’s to do?
This is a cute little restaurant along one of the main roads in Hout Bay. There is a cosy fire-place inside and a gravel parking area out front. The kids spend most of their time in the gravel drive, so we need to sit close by to keep an eye on them as it leads straight onto the main road. They climb the two small trees out front or play to the side of the restaurant, but it’s not designed for playing, it’s designed for parking, so I wouldn’t recommend it specifically as a younger kids location.
It is a lovely spot for a morning breakfast or lunch however. The sun streams in as it’s east facing, and it has a charming, warm atmosphere.

Coffee for the adults. Climbing for the kids.

Coffee for the adults. Climbing for the kids.

To eat?
A great menu that includes primarily crepes and omelettes.

Given that our kids are both gluten intolerant, they chose the gluten free crepes. They both opted for sugar and cinnamon with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

Discerning Lola – complained that they were too sticky and hard to cut. (They did look a tad too gluey for my liking).

Less-fussy Lincoln ate his happily.

The Parentals – After a late night out, and in need of something substantial, Shaun and I shared a delicious Farmhouse Crepe. It was super tasty after the addition of a little salt (but that could have just been my need).
We then shared an Alice In Wonderland sweet crepe with ice cream, fudge sauce, toasted almonds and berries. It was something to write home about. I will definitely have it again; in fact, I have, more than a few times.

The Coffee?! – the answer to this is not easy. I have had both the best and worst cups of coffee from this restaurant, on different occasions. The best was simply incredible. The worst was on a day when I feel they were too busy and understaffed, so understandable, but not enjoyable. It wasn’t enough to put me off going again however.


‘Less-fussy Lincoln’ all smiles for the ice-cream.


‘Discerning Lola’ diving in.


Farmhouse Crepe… yummy.


Alice in Wonderland Crepe… extra yummy.

Overall experience?
We enjoyed it and now go fairly frequently. It’s an easy, pleasant local hangout.

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