A little bit about me

Sailing the early waters of my 30’s, always on the look out for that elusive thing called ‘balance’. My priorities stem from a desire to spend every waking moment with my family. In beautiful places. Doing beautiful things. I write about it because I want everyone to experience that passion. I want people to see what can be done. I want to inspire you to do more with your children.

Part-time writer, full-time mum, I am lucky enough to live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Though the waters aren’t all smooth sailing, with my husband’s incomparable patience and my children’s unrivalled energy, we run a pretty smooth ship. I hope you enjoy following us on our adventures.

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Why I love what I do

My pages are filled with beautiful memories, big challenges and growing personalities. What started as an amusing blog narrating our 5 month journey around North America, has grown into a site encompassing our life back home in Cape Town, South Africa too. Our less than normal approach to everyday life and the desire to grab each day with the joy and excitement of a litter of puppies, or maybe just the same enthusiasm as our children. Couple that with our love of travelling, and our love of the big wild outdoors, and you have…

our familia, our adventure.

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