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Egg-sploring Plettenberg Bay

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If your idea of a holiday is finding some peace and solitude while sipping Mai-Tai’s on the beach, Plett over Easter weekend is not for you. Come to think of it, having children is not for you either. Both are filled with more bubble and bustle than you’ll know what to do with. Should you have chosen to embrace the amusement and vivacity that children bring, you have probably also, at some point, chosen to embrace the seaside village of Plett. The Garden Route, where Plett is delightfully nestled, is filled with quaint little towns, beautiful seaside villages and white…

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The south of Llandudno rocks.

The Lesser-known Llandudno Rocks

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A recent foray up Little Lions Head had us looking down on Sandy Bay and the southern end of some of South Africa’s most prime real estate. Llandudno. Oh, how the sun shines brighter, the air smells sweeter, and the houses are built for royalty. Our not being royalty means spending time in this neck of the woods puts us at a distinct advantage, we can truly appreciate it. The views are spectacular, the cleanliness top notch, and being relatively remote meant the rocks we chose to explore were entirely devoid of people. There is a huge rocky outcrop that…

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Sandy Bay - Cape Town

A Nude Adventure

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I anticipate finger wagging and head shaking, but our latest adventure was less un-clad than it sounds. I remember my parents always saying, “It’s not your driving we’re worried about, it’s everyone else’s”. Well, this scenario was the same, kind of. It wasn’t our being naked you had to worry about; it was everyone else’s. Sandy Bay is Cape Town’s only fully nude beach, and it is breathtakingly beautiful. It is just south of Llandudno beach, along a stretch of mountain and coastline that is nature reserve. There are no houses, no shacks, no man made structures of any kind,…

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Our beach day near Golden Gate Bridge

Appreciating the Good, Learning from the Bad

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When the going gets tough, head to somewhere you know you’ll be happy! Or in our case, be lucky enough to have that on the cards anyway! San Francisco… the Cape Town of North America… you could not have showed up on our itinerary at a better time. The Prius driving, dog toting, hipster capital of the world. Wow. I did not expect to come across a city so full of hipsters that even I would be tempted to grow a beard just to fit in. Shaun tried desperately to get his 10 chin hairs to grow but all the…

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A Tulum sunrise - Mexico

Andale… Andale… Mexico here we go!

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‘Back to reality’ weighs heavily on my mind this week as we find ourselves in the South of the US, in the cold, although reality is a strange thing to call it. None the less, the last few days have been an adjustment period for us, having to actually dress into pants and a t-shirt seems hard work after needing only spandex for the last 23 days. We have however been welcomed with an incredible display of fall foliage in Atlanta, and as we drive our way down to Savannah, I find my excitement growing in anticipation of the cotton-picking…

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Blissful sun!!

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After writing my last post, I am feeling a little sheepish, as the cold picture I painted will only truly begin towards the end of this month. As I lie on the beach in Mexico, typing away, I realise that since writing the above I have not only gained a well needed tan, but have also had over a week of blissful heat and sunshine! Before we dive head first into a cold like we have never experienced, we decided to throw in 3 weeks of summer vacation on the Caribbean coast, very excellent decision!

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